Accordion productionProduction

At Munda, we design, manufacture and sell musical instruments. We are aware of two important things — different clients have different technical musical knowledge and different aesthetics preferences. This is not an obstacle for us, but rather a challenge! The driving force behind our development is the trust our students and top musicians have in our products, and which they express by playing our accordions. We can say that we have achieved important development milestones because of them (and especially for them!):

2010 – Zlatko Munda and Primož Zvir (absolute world champion on diatonic accordion!) present a new model of diatonic accordion called “Concertina” (concert diatonic accordion).

2012 – Successful development of a guitar for folk music.

2013 – Development of the Z – DIATONICA accordion which allows playing the bass side in all keys, while maintaining the characteristics of playing the left side of the diatonic accordion

2014 – Development of a DENIS NOVATO SELECTION diatonic accordion with registers

2017 – Introduction of the MUNDA accordion tube amplifier

2018 – Introduction of a diatonic accordion for folk music (new approach)

Characteristics Munda Accordions

Whether you are a beginner, amateur musician, or a professional — we make instruments for everyone. We use the best materials, and make it with knowledge, careful crafting, and pleasure. All phases of production are equally important to us, be it the choice of wood, application of varnishes, making of the bellows, or tuning of the instrument. If desired, we can also make a so-called personalised instrument (in appearance, detail, or technical characteristics) that still has the character of a diatonic accordion. We all want that, otherwise we wouldn't have fallen in love with the diatonic accordion, would we? However, no two accordions are the same. These are the characteristics and qualities of MUNDA accordions:

  • 3, 4, or 5 rows of buttons
  • installation of auxiliary buttons in the inner row on the descant side (accordions with 3 or 4 rows of buttons)
  • simple and easily manageable aluminum keyboard
  • top quality reeds (A MANO, TIPO A MANO)
  • leather and soft padded straps with a buckle
  • special bellows with 15 folds (35mm depth)
  • bellows protection
  • installation of various bass systems (installation from 18 to 21 bass buttons)

By now you already know why you should choose a MUNDA accordion. Because:

  • ever since 1992, we have completed the entire process of manufacturing ourselves, from the housing to the tuning.
  • we are constantly testing new materials and patterns that affect the lightness, weight, and responsiveness of the musical instrument, as well as the sound quality.
  • we adjust the tuning to the musician's style of playing. There are several different instrument tuning types to choose from, depending on the dynamics of playing (strong, complete, round, soft, gentle).
  • we acquired the Slovenian Quality Mark for product quality.
  • we work with the best musicians in Slovenia and abroad.
  • we have dealerships abroad (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy).
  • we provide accordion service for all brands.
  • we adapt the characteristics of the accordion to our customer's wishes.
  • upon customer's request, we carry out unique (special) designs.
  • we offer a 24-month warranty on the product.
  • You can rely on our professionalism and dedication to music, musical instruments, and our customers.